For as long as I can
remember, I've always
been fascinated
by the power of makeup.

When I was young, I spent countless hours playing with makeup. It was my creative outlet. My escape. My passion.

After graduating from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in 2012, I decided to make that passion my purpose.

I'm Mehry.
welcome to my world.

worked for industry-leading brands including Chanel and MAC Cosmetics, launched one of New England's premiere wedding hair and makeup studios, educated aspiring makeup artists, and worked with hundreds of brides on the best day of their lives.

With over a decade of experience, my passion has become my purpose.

Over the last decade, I've trained under world-renowned artists in Los Angeles and New York CIty,

Get To know me

Quiz style

01. What's your fav tv show?

a. Seinfeld
b. Game of Thrones
C. Always Sunny in Philadelphia
D. All of the Above

02. What's your guilty

Definitely designer shoes

03. drink of choice?

a. Cosmopolitan
b. Margarita
C. Old Fashioned
D. Dirty Martini

04. What can't you
live without?

My three cats

05. What's your fav makeup product?

a. Mascara
b. Eyeliner
C. Bronzer
D. Blush

06. What's the coolest
thing you've ever done?

Climbing Mt. Washington 

07. What's your ideal
date night?

a. Netflix
b. Head to the Movies
C. Dinner + Drinks
D. Board Games

08.  What's on your

a. Audioslave
b. Foo Fighters
C. Tame Impala
D. All of the Above

09. what do you love most
about being a MUA?

Getting to make others feel

confident, beautiful, and the best

version of themselves.

A few other things:

This is my husband. Handsome, right?

No 1

Kyle and I met in our 10th grade history class. We were married in 2018. You bet I did my own makeup.

My sister and I own
Gloss Beauty + Bridal

No 2

Arianna, (aka @hair_by_ari, aka the best hair stylist I know ), and I opened Gloss Beauty + Bridal in 2016 as a way for us to do what we love, together. You could call us your dream glam team.

My first love was

No 3

Catch me glued to every award show red carpet. Before my makeup career, I aspired  to become a fashion editor. Move over, Anna Wintour.